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Senior Software Developer

Westhill Global (07/2022 – Present)

  • Designed and built the entire infrastructure from scratch, starting from requirements gathering and ending with an iterable product
  • Implemented multiple build systems to continuously deploy services to production
  • Lead a team of developers to build both an interal and external facing product
  • Rearchitected the entire system to be more scalable and fault tolerant using technologies like GCP Spanner, Cloud Run, and Cloud Build; consolidating systems to save money while also increasing performance

Staff Consultant

Elyxor Inc (09/2020 – 07/2022)

  • Created a proprietary integration testing framework which provisions an entire environment through docker and then allows for the orchestration of command execution within that environment
  • Worked with complex build systems to orchestrate a variety of testing and deployment strategies
  • Project manager in a client-facing capacity; leading efforts on a project that effected many parts of the organization

Lead Software Developer

Soteria LLC (01/2017 – 08/2020)

  • Maintained, managed, and developed a majority of the systems that are used by both internal and external customers
  • Implemented the entirety of our CI/CD pipeline and developed the majority of our internal automated processes
  • Managed and used a host of databases including Postgres, CockroachDB, Mongo, Elasticsearch, and Cassandra in GCP Compute Engine
  • Managed sprint planning and code reviews via Jira and Github
  • Product design and documentation; taking projects from basic ideas to fully fleshed out code repositories in production
  • Reverse engineered open source projects in languages like Golang, Python, C, Java, Ruby, and Perl


Clemson University SOC (02/2016 – 12/2016)

  • Monitored the Clemson University network to proactively detect intrusions or unauthorized use
  • Built network activity detectors that were used to alert on malicious activity in the network
  • Developed workflow automation for myself and fellow employees


Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

Clemson University

  • Networking
  • Software Development
  • Operating Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science


Guest speaker at Trident Technical College AITP Chapter Meeting (11/2019)

Spoke to a group of Programming and Computer Security students about the importance of good programming habits and my experiences so far in the industry

Programming Languages