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  • Bgate – A Golang terminal interface for Bible Gateway so that I could use the terminal rather than their website.
  • Crabby Bucket – A flappy bird-like game that I wrote in C++ to learn SDL2.
  • Gher – A package that uses Golang generics to dynamically handle incoming HTTP requests that automatically handles errors.
  • Hashmap – A simple C library that implements a basic hashmap.
  • Dedup – A utility to delete duplicate files from disk implemented in Golang.
  • Walgo – A write-ahead-log library written in Golang.
  • Data Structures – Common data structures implemented in Golang.
  • Flowgraph – A generative art program that I wrote which creates a random flow of nodes and animates it on the screen. Written in Golang.
  • A-star – A program that visualizes the A* search algorithm. Written in Golang.
  • Snake – A very basic snake game written in Golang.
  • Gridwalker – A program that draws a series of “random walkers” on a grid. Part of my foray into generative art. Written in Rust.
  • Coinary – A program that reads from the Twitter account and takes in stock market data in an effort to determine whether certain words can cause stock price changes. Written in Python/PHP. (Deprecated)